Question: How Much Fuel Does A 40hp Outboard Use?

How much gas does a 50 hp outboard use?

10%HP x US Gallon at WOTA 50 will travel at around 26-28 Knots ph which will take @5 gallons to travel 27 nautical miles..

How much gas does a 60 hp outboard use?

When you “open up” any outboard to it’s wide open throttle (WOT) range, it will, on average, burn 1 gallon per hour for every 10 horses whether it’s a 2 stroke, a 2 stroke Direct Inject or a 4 stroke (so your 60 would burn 6 gallons per hour).

How much fuel does a 150 hp outboard used?

For example, a 150-horse engine will use about 15 gallons per hour.

Is 30 mph fast for a boat?

The trusty, stable pontoon boat can travel a good deal faster than many people think. Pontoon boat speeds can surpass 30 MPH under the right conditions, with a few pontoon boats even reaching the 35 MPH mark thanks to larger engines and great conditions.

What is the best 150 hp outboard?

Yamaha F150Yamaha gives a few reasons why the Yamaha F150 is the best-selling 150-hp four-stroke “of all time.” Its “proven reliability” tops the list. In addition, it is “powerful, light, nimble, and compact.”

How much does it cost to run a boat?

The general rule of thumb that I have found is that you will pay 1.5% of the boat’s value, every year. Meaning a $10,000 boat will cost about $150 a year. For a $50,000 boat, you will be looking at about $750 per year.

How fast will a 40hp outboard go?

Re: top speed from a 40hp 2 stroke yamaha??? 33 to 36 mph.

How long can you run an outboard at full throttle?

In the case of that engine, the manufacturer specifies that it can run at WOT for 30 minutes without any ill effects.

How much fuel does a 25 hp outboard use?

As a point of departure on the search for an answer; there is a rule of thumb that outboards consume about 1 gallon per hour for every 10 horsepower. That equates to roughly 2.5 gallons per hour at full throttle with a 25 HP motor. You will hardly ever run your motor at full throttle for an hour.

What is the most fuel efficient boat?

MJM Yachts: World’s Most Fuel Efficient PowerboatsMJM 29z power with single 260 HP diesel I/O.The MJM 36z underway powered with twin 220 HP stern drive Volvo Penta D3s.The MJM Yachts 50z, the flagship of the fleet.A 40z hull being removed from the molds after the oven post-cure process.More items…•Jan 7, 2016

How much is fuel for a boat?

Average Annual Boat Fuel Costs Many fast motorboats use between 20 and 30 gallons of fuel per hour when cruising at speed; average that to 25 gallons per hour, and a five-hour trip could cost you more than $300 per outing. Assuming you use your boat once a week, that’s more than $16,000 in gasoline alone.

How much fuel does a 30hp outboard use?

Around 3 gallons per hour at WOT. Approx 10ltrs an hour at Wide Open throttle. Its usually worked by taking a third of the horse power at wide open throttle.

Is it bad to run a boat full throttle?

As long as an outboard is propped correctly, running at full throttle is fine. Will it increase wear more than moderate throttle settings? Probably, but not by an appreciable amount. If you want an engine to last a long time, proper preventative maintenance is exponentially more important than throttle setting.

How fast will a 20 hp outboard go?

The Honwave 3.5ae with 20hp Tohatsu 4 stroke idles along in slack water at around 2 – 3 mph. Speed varies greatly upon tide / wind etc. Sometimes idle won’t push against the tide where I fish. 2 up the Tohatsu 20hp pushes the Honwave 3.5ae along at around 19 mph.

How fast will a 250 hp outboard go?

55 mph to 60 mphWhen equipped with 250-hp or 300-hp outboards, these types of aluminum fishing boats can typically have a WOT of 55 mph to 60 mph, or a bit more with two people aboard.

Why are boats so fuel inefficient?

The main reason why boats will always burn more gas than cars is they run on water. Aerodynamics, wind resistance, waves, and drag affect the fuel consumption of a boat.

How much fuel does a 20 hp outboard use?

The typical figure used for fuel consumption is 10% of the rated HP per hour at wide open throttle. Calculating what the 1/2, 3/4, or 2/3 throttle settings produce is impossible to do accurately without a fuel flow monitor. So in your case, 10% of 20 HP is 2 (gallons per hour).

How many hours will a Yamaha 150 four stroke last?

The reliability of Yamaha’s motors will vary depending on which motor you choose. Because they offer both inboard and outboard, they could have a lifespan that ranges from 1,500 to over 3,000 hours.

Are stainless props worth the money?

Are Stainless Props Worth the Money? Prop selection is a critical factor in getting the most from your boat. … But while stainless steel is the most expensive material, stainless propellers have a reputation for being much more durable that either aluminum or composites. They also purportedly offer better performance.

How far can a boat go on a tank of gas?

Your boat may be able to go anywhere from 5 to 10 miles to as many as 30 miles or more on a tank of gas, depending on a number of factors, including what kind of boat you have, how fast you are going, and more.

What is the lightest 150 hp outboard motor?

150 Pro XSLightest weight — At 207kgs, the new 150 Pro XS is 9kgs lighter than the nearest competitive offering. Largest displacement — At 3.0L, the new 150 Pro XS also boasts the largest displacement in the 150hp category.

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