Question: Is Ninja 300 A Good Bike?

How many miles will a Ninja 300 last?

26,743 miles26,743 miles is exactly when everything on the bike will no longer work..

Is R3 faster than Ninja 300?

Yamaha R3 is still the more powerful option, using a 321cc, fuel injected and liquid cooled engine, producing 42hp at 10,750 rpm and 29.6Nm at 9,000 rpm. … Ninja 300, on the other hand, comes with a 296cc engine, producing 39hp at 11,000 rpm and 27Nm at 10,000 rpm.

Is Yamaha R3 overpriced?

It’s an expensive bike for sure. 300cc twin cylinder engine gives decent power and good reliability since it’s yamaha. Compared to Duke 390 it’s definitely an expensive option. Maintenance will be expensive since it’s fuel injected and requires more expensive after sales service.

Which Kawasaki Ninja is best for beginners?

Kawasaki Ninja 400The Kawasaki Ninja 400 Was Voted the Best Motorcycle for Beginners.

Is the Ninja 300 worth buying?

Kawasaki Ninja 300 comes with standard dual channel ABS and slipper clutch. ABS is new to this package while slipper clutch is available on both old (CKD) and new model. Addition of ABS and still a reduction of INR 62,000 its price tag makes it the best motorcycle to buy under INR 3 lakh (ex-showroom).

Is Ninja 300 fast enough?

In my experience the 300 has enough passing power on the highway. I’ve never felt like I didn’t have what I needed in the little highway travel that I do. It does 60-80 and even 60-90 faster than my car does, so that’s good for me.

Why are Kawasaki bikes expensive?

Kawasaki cites increase in raw material cost and fluctuating foreign exchange rate as the reasons for the price hike. A select range of models will see an increase of 7 per cent. The newly launched Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R and the Versys 1000 likely to be affected.

Are Ninjas good bikes?

Kawasaki and Honda both make great, reliable bikes. The Ninja 250 & 500 would not have been hugely popular designs for decades if they “break down all the time.” I’d expect the 300 to be even better at proving your friends wrong. Ninjas are solid bikes.

Is Ninja 300 a good starter bike?

But that leads me to my next point: The Ninja 300 is not just a great beginner motorcycle, it’s a great motorcycle period! If you get the chance to ride a 600cc, 750cc, or even 1000+cc motorcycles you will quickly discover that your bike can go MUCH faster than any posted speed limit in America.

How much is a Ninja 300 worth?

ValuesSuggested List PriceLow RetailBase Price$4,999$3,190Options (Add)Total Price$4,999$3,1902 more rows

Which is better R3 or Ninja 300?

BikeWale brings you comparison of Kawasaki Ninja 300 [2018-2019] and Yamaha YZF R3….Ninja 300 [2018-2019] vs YZF R3 Comparison Overview.Key HighlightsNinja 300 [2018-2019]YZF R3Capacity296 cc321 ccPower38.4 bhp @ 11000 rpm40.8 bhp @ 10750 rpmEconomy25 kmpl27 kmpl1 more row

Why are Kawasaki Ninjas so cheap?

There are several reasons that Kawasaki motorcycles are relatively cheaper than its competitors : India Kawasaki Motors (IKM) has opened a new facility at Chakan (near Pune) where it assembles its different models to keep import duties low. Earlier it used to do the same at Bajaj’s plant at Akurdi.

How can I buy Ninja 300?

Kawasaki has announced that in addition to the already-existing online booking portal on the official website, customers can now reserve the 2021 Kawasaki Ninja 300 BS6 on Amazon as well. The booking voucher is priced at Rs 3,000 for all three colours: Lime Green, Candy Lime Green, and Ebony.

Is a Ninja 300 reliable?

Let alone the cost… The Ninja 300 is a fun zippy little bike, fairly light and easy to control and highly reliable and fuel efficient, the only problem I have with it is it felt a little cramped compared to the much bigger GS500.

Why was the Ninja 300 discontinued?

The launch was postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic. Kawasaki discontinued Ninja 300 BS4 version in December 2019. The BS6 version is priced at Rs. 3.18 lakh (ex-showroom) in India.

When did Kawasaki stop making Ninja 300?

Kawasaki Ninja 300ManufacturerKawasakiProduction2012–PresentPredecessorKawasaki Ninja 250RSuccessorKawasaki Ninja 400ClassSport bike23 more rows

Can a Ninja 300 go on the highway?

The 300 has no problem with the highway. I’ve easily driven more than that at about that speed. The 300 is definitely smaller than a 600. The Ninja 300 will have no problem with the commuting you describe.

Is Yamaha R3 a superbike?

The Yamaha YZF-R3Legendary Yamaha superbike styling, advanced twin-cylinder engine, and revised chassis provide superior, nimble handling for both the track and street: The Yamaha R3 is ready: will you answer the call.

What’s the difference between Ninja 250 and 300?

While the 250R delivers a bit less than 14 ft-lb of torque, the 300 hits 18 ft-lb. This difference makes, well, a huge difference. Because the 300 has a higher gearing, you get a jolt of extra power with the additional torque.

Will Ninja 300 be discontinued?

Kawasaki India’s smallest offering, the Ninja 300, has been updated a year after it was discontinued. However, the ‘new’ Ninja 300 stays mostly unchanged, save for a more eco-friendly engine.

Is the Ninja 300 a superbike?

With the sharp twin headlamp setup, sharp fairing and that loud livery, all inspired by the Ninja ZX-10R superbike, the Ninja 300 is one of the most distinctive-looking motorcycles in the segment. People might even confuse it for a middleweight motorcycle.

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