Question: What Does 351 4V Mean?

How much horsepower can you get out of a 351 Cleveland?

With Ford’s 4.000-inch bore/4.000-inch stroke combination and conservative tuning, you can achieve 400 hp and 450 torque numbers along with durability..

Will 351 Windsor heads fit on a 351 Cleveland?

351C heads will not work on a 351W block without drilling new water jackets in the heads.

What does 4v mean on an engine?

four valves4v = four valves (per cylinder) “Venturi” is UPPERcase and “valve” is LOWERcase. And as for the term “barrel”…..

What carburetors did Ford use?

Ford trucks, Lincoln cars, Jeep and AMC continued to use Autolite four-barrels with a third generation carburetor referred to as the model 4350.

How much horsepower is in a 351 Windsor?

Ford 351W V-8 SpecsEngine:Ford 351W V-8 (5.8L)Peak Horsepower:• 1969 – 250 hp w/ 2 barrel carburetor, 300 hp @ 5,400 rpm w/ 4 barrel carburetor • 1972 (net power ratings adopted) – 153 hp w/ 2 barrel, 161 hp w/ 4 barrel • 1997 – 205 hp (CA version), 210 hp @ 3,600 rpm • Ford Lightning – 240 hp @ 4,200 rpm16 more rows

What year is the best 351 Windsor?

From what I have read, the best year for 351W blocks are 1969, 70, and 71. For some reason these were the strongest 351W ever produced, but very hard to find.

What is the difference between a 351 Cleveland and a 351 Windsor?

Windsor valve covers use 6-bolt covers, whereas the Cleveland/Modified uses 8-bolt covers. Timing Chain. Cleveland/Modified engines have the timing chain recessed into the front of the block itself, and its timing cover is essentially just a flat piece of metal.

What is the best carburettor for a 351 Cleveland?

one thing the 351c likes, 2v or 4v heads, is carburetion, and lots of it. i recommend going with a 750-800cfm carb. remember even the 2v ports are larger than anything put on a windsor engine, or even all but the highest performance FE big blocks.

What is a Boss 351?

The 1971 Boss 351 was a replacement for the already rowdy and famous Boss 302. … That car, so-named because of its 302-cubic-inch engine, gave way to the 351 with its larger Cleveland V-8. The 351-cubic-inch engine turned out 330 hp, 40 more than the Boss 302 managed.

What can a 351W be stroked to?

The cylinder skirts are notched to clear the Chrysler 360ci small-block connecting rods. The 351W gets stroked a half-inch by fitting the block with a 400M crankshaft (the 400M is a tall-deck Cleveland). Keep in mind the 351W has a 3.50-inch stroke while the 400M has 4 inches of stroke.

What is a 351 4V?

The Q-code 351 “Cobra-Jet” (also called 351-CJ, 351-4V) was produced from May 1971 through the 1974 model year. It was a lower-compression design that included open-chamber 4V heads.

What is a 4V carburetor?

In old school terms the v stood for “venturis” or barrels in the carb. Nowadays it stands for “valves” as in valves per cylinder. The 2v heads would have 1 intake and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder and the 4v heads would have 2 exhaust and 2 intake valves per head.

Is 351 Cleveland better than Windsor?

The 351 Cleveland is a member of the 335 series family of Ford small-block engines. Its large ports and oversize canted valves give it more horsepower and allow it to run at a higher rpm than the Windsor. The valve covers have a twisting curve and are attached by eight bolts.

Can you put 351 Cleveland heads on a 302?

Registered. You can not fit 351c heads on the 302, entirely different block. Before the wide selection of aftermarket heads was available like they are today, people use to machine 351w heads for application to 302s.

How much is a 351 Cleveland motor worth?

A bare 351C block and crank (nothing else) goes for over $500. A complete running engine at least $1200. The 4V heads alone would go for $300 -500 for open chamber.

Is the 351W a good engine?

the 351w is a very good engine, it can handle a lot of power before the block splits, that usually happens at around 800hp. the 351m is an ok engine, good for use in trucks and for the basis of building a good 400.

What is the difference between a 2V and 4V head?

What is the biggest difference between the 2V and 4V heads? … A: Starting with the basics, 2V heads are designed for use with a factory 2-barrel carburetor option (2V = 2 venturi), while 4V heads came on one of the five Ford 351C engine configurations that came with a 4-barrel carburetor (4V = 4 venturi).

Is 302 better than 351W?

So for equal money, a 351 will have more cubes, more low end torque, and a lower RPM peak. A 302 will have the same HP, but a slightly higher tq peak with lower tq numbers. In almost any situation, cubes are better.

How can I tell if my Cleveland heads are 4V?

A 4V have the #4 in the upper both corners of the cylinder head. If your heads is clevelandstyle but dont have the #2 or 4 its heads for the 400 or 351M. They looks like 351C heads but is different with larger combustion chambers wich equals lower compression.

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