Question: Who Did Travis Pastrana Marry?

What is Ken Roczen’s net worth?

Ken Roczen net worth: Ken Roczen is a German professional motocross and supercross racer who has a net worth of $4 million.

Ken Roczen was born in Mattstedt, Germany in April 1994..

Who is the richest motocross rider?

Ryan DungeyRyan Dungey Net Worth Ryan Dungey is an American professional motocross racer, who has a net worth of $8 million.

How long was Travis Pastrana with Suzuki?

In fact, his history with Suzuki goes back to about 18 years and his favourite machine to ride? His trusty Suzuki RM 250. No doubt, the old bike has served him well but with parts having discontinued 15 years ago and Pastrana still going strong, he needs new bikes.

Is Travis Pastrana still married?

Currently 37, Travis Pastrana is a married man. He was in a relationship with a professional Skateboarder, Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins who he married in 2010. … Currently, they are doing well in their relationship and there is no sign of divorce between the couple. The lovely couple is also blessed with children.

Does Travis Pastrana have a son?

Quick FactsFull NameTravis Alan PastranaWifeLyn-Z Adams HawkinsChildrenAddy Pastrana Bristol Murphy PastranaProfessionMotorsports competitor, StuntmanNet Worth$30 million26 more rows•Jun 1, 2021

Why did Travis leave Suzuki?

Travis competed in supercross, motocross, supermoto, and of course freestyle, aboard the Suzuki brand for decades. The move comes out of necessity in part due to lack of two-stroke supported bikes from Suzuki.

Was Travis Pastrana good racer?

2006 – Pastrana became the third athlete to win three gold medals at a single X Games event. He won golds in MotoX Best Trick, MotoX Freestyle, and Rally Car Racing. Pastrana also performed the first Double Backflip in competition, scoring a 98.60, the highest score in the Best Trick competition at X Games.

Who owns Nitro Circus?

Travis PastranaAction sports icon Travis Pastrana started the Nitro Circus TV production company with Jeremy Rawle and Gregg Godfrey. Michael Porra founded the live touring business and is now the company’s overall CEO/Managing Director.

How did Travis Pastrana become famous?

A natural daredevil, Pastrana has competed in the X Games, earning his first gold medal in 1999 and from there, winning 10 more. … In 2006 he was just the third athlete to have won triple golds at one X Games and holds the record for highest score (98 points) under the Best Trick category.

What bike does Travis Pastrana ride now?

1999 Suzuki RM125Today, Travis Pastrana’s legendary 1999 Suzuki RM125 is housed within the Fox Racing headquarters in Irvine, California.

Who is Travis Pastrana’s dad?

Robert PastranaTravis Pastrana/FathersRobert Pastrana is the father of motocross champion, rally car driver, extreme athlete and reality television star Travis Pastrana.

How much is Tony Hawk worth?

Tony Hawk is an American former professional skateboarder, the world’s richest skateboarders. Tony Hawk has a net worth of $140 million, which he accumulated through skateboarding and various sponsorship deals. He is also known as “The Birdman” for his unbeatable skills and moves in the Skateboard competition.

How old is Lyn-Z Pastrana?

31 years (September 21, 1989)Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins/Age

What is Travis Pastrana’s net worth?

Travis Pastrana Net Worth: Travis Pastrana is a professional motorsports racer and stunt driver who has a net worth of $25 million.

How much is Travis Scott Worth?

As of 2021, Travis Scott has a net worth of $50 million.

Is Travis Pastrana the best?

Pastrana scored 99.00 points and it is the highest score ever recorded. In the 2000 X Games, he was the first rider to ever attempt a backflip on a motorcycle in competition. In 2002 at the Summer Gravity Games, he was the first rider to ever successfully land a backflip in competition.

What does Travis Pastrana do now?

Pastrana remains active in motorsports where he continues to race rally and rallycross for team Subaru USA and competes in off-shore racing with team Miss Geico.

Is Travis Pastrana taking over Gymkhana?

8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Subaru of America today launched its long-awaited return to the Gymkhana video franchise in partnership with Hoonigan, with Subaru Motorsports USA rally and rallycross star Travis Pastrana taking over the series from creator and rival Ken Block.

How old is cianciarulo?

24 years (October 20, 1996)Adam Cianciarulo/Age

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