Quick Answer: Can You Make A Duplicate Key Without The Original?

Which keys Cannot be copied?

The following is a list of keys that cannot be duplicated:Transponder Key.Laser Cut Car Key.VAT Key.Abloy keys.Chip Keys.Tubular Keys.Internal Cut Keys.Four-Sided Key.Mar 10, 2016.

Where can I get a do not duplicate key copied?

Your local locksmith can duplicate all types of keys and make key copies that work perfectly. A skilled locksmith can also provide you with the information, locks and keys to safeguard your commercial property from unwanted intruders.

How much does it cost to duplicate a key?

Typical costs: For $1.25-$2 you can get a basic door or car key copied at most local hardware stores. The copying is done by a store employee who may or may not have training on how to copy keys.

Will Home Depot copy a do not duplicate key?

In general, most people with “do not duplicate” labeled keys find it extremely challenging to get a new copy at Home Depot. In other words, if you have a high-security key type, you might not be able to get it copied at Home Depot. That being said, Home Depot allows for more security on these security type keys.

Where can I get duplicate keys made?

Here are the most common home improvement stores where you can have keys made.Home Depot.Lowes.Ace Hardware.True Value Hardware.Menard’s.Sears.Rite Aid.Walmart.More items…•Aug 17, 2020

Can you copy a copied key?

Key Copies & Lock Re-keys A professional locksmith can fix this problem for you, easily. … You can cut hundreds of copied from your original key, as long as the professional cut it well, it will work fine. For one thing you need to be careful, if you need to giggle wiggle the key, don’t struggle.

How do you duplicate a key?

Visit a locksmith. A locksmith will be able to make an exact replica of your key with special tools and machines. Locksmiths will also be able to work with keys that cannot be copied at other locations. Some locksmiths may be able to make copies of a key just from a picture of the original.

Does AutoZone make key copies?

AutoZone takes the keys and duplicates them to a precise accuracy. The keys are also cut digitally, using state-of-the-art equipment, tools and technology. Your key will be cut to your satisfaction before you leave your AutoZone, or they will cut it over again.

Can you tell if key has been copied?

There’s absolutely no way to tell. It’s not even a question of “you can’t be certain,” there’s no way to even get a valid guess. A key which has been duplicated will have no marks, damage, or other evidence; the copying process is at least as gentle on the key as putting it into a lock.

How do you make a duplicate key with soap?

Machines that trace the outline of a key to make a copy, won’t work here. You cannot trace a soap impression. With a bit of luck, the key might work. But convincing a locksmith to do this for you would be the hardest part.

How do you copy a key by hand?

Tips and Tricks to Easily Duplicate Keys by HandStep 1: Clamp and Align. | Clamp duplicate and original keys side by side using the vice. … Step 2: Start Filing. | … Step 3: Test It. | … Step 1: Place the Original Key Over a Flame. | … Step 2: Use Clear Tape. | … Step 3: Stick It. | … Step 4: Cut It Out. | … Step 5: Test and Support. |More items…•Feb 22, 2017

Can you duplicate a key that says do not duplicate at Walmart?

Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Lowe’s all have self serve kiosk that allow anyone in possession of any non-restricted key (meaning open market key blanks) to walk up, put the key in the machine and duplicate them without any validation.

Can Medeco keys be duplicated?

Only Medeco authorized locksmiths are equipped to duplicate Medeco keys, and they record and verify every transaction. Each key cut is held on file at both the Locksmith and Medeco. … From a practical sense most of the Medeco keys can be cut at an Authorized locksmith.

How do I stop a key from being copied?

Key Copy Machines Ignore the DND Stamp. This is the least expensive option to prevent unauthorized key duplication that consists of a standard key being labeled as DND (do not duplicate). The DND stamp was put there to tell locksmiths that these are do no copy keys, and not to copy the key without authorization.

Can you make copies of a Master Lock key?

Master Lock does not provide keys directly to consumers; however, you may take one of your keys to a local hardware store, home center or locksmith where they can cut duplicate keys. Please note that not every store will have the appropriate key blanks available.

Can you cut a key from a lock?

With access to the key code, a locksmith can very easily cut you a new lock. … In order for a locksmith to make a key from a lock by means of the key code, they will need to use a code cutter. A code cutter is something that most locksmiths are frequently found using, aside from their lock picks that is.