Which Is Better 800cc Or 1000cc?

Are 1000cc cars good?

Anyway 1000cc output is the best than1.


It has roaring power in highways after 60 kms speed with awesome mileage.

Bigger the engine will be More the power you’ll get and higher the top speeds you can achieve!!.

Is 800cc engine good?

The 800cc car will give you better mileage in heavy traffic also highways along with good economy for your pocket. Buying an 800cc car is not wrong, but…

Is 800cc enough power for car?

The lower height of the legendary hatchback allows it to move stably on steep roads and sharp turns and the performance is pretty adequate too. So, it’s well proved that an 800cc car wouldn’t have any problem on rolling on hill areas.

What is the advantage of higher cc in cars?

by increasing the c.c the volume of the cylinder becomes more and it can able to burn more fuel at a time . while burning more fuel it will give more power to the Vehicle (i.e fastness to the bike ) . so here the fuel consumption is higher while increasing the cc of the engine.

How much horsepower does a 1000cc engine have?

enginecchpModel aircraft OS glowplug9.951.9Superbike 600cc Class599112Superbike 1000cc Ducati FO3999186Kawasaki ZX-10R – road trim99818296 more rows•Jan 19, 2017

Is KWID a bad car?

User Review on Renault Kwid [2015-2019] Very low quality car. … Car was manufactured by very low class materials. when we turning in the curved Road, the total body of the car is heavily vibrated.

Is KWID good for long drive?

Kwid comes in 2 variants. 800cc and 999 cc (also known as 1 L) engine. For long drives, the 999cc variant is advisable as it produces more power.

Is KWID a good buy?

The ride quality on the Renault Kwid is quite commendable and reliable. Availability of an AMT variant makes it the most desirable hatchback in the city traffic. 2 engine options and various styling options to choose from make it more appealing to wider customers base. The resale value of the ‘kwid’ is top the charts.

What is the difference between 800cc and 1000cc engine?

Renault Kwid 1000cc vs Kwid 800cc Mileage Comparison The increase in power comes with a decrease in fuel mileage. There is a difference of about 2 KMPL between the 1000cc and 800cc variants. However, real world fuel efficiency could be lesser.

How much cc engine is best for car?

Typically, the cars with petrol engines of the best fuel mileage come in the zone of up to 1000cc. Those with capacities of 1000cc to 1500cc have better mileage figures. Whereas, engines with displacement from 1500cc to 1800cc have a moderate fuel average range.

Does more CC mean more fuel consumption?

A car’s engine size, also known as the engine capacity or simply CC, is the size of the volume swept by each of the cylinders, which inside combine and burn air and fuel to generate energy. The larger the engine size, the more fuel your vehicle consumes, the more power it produces, and the more your car accelerates.

Is the higher the cc The faster?

No. CC does not necessarily more affect speed of vehicle. As CC represents swept volume of cylinder of an Engine, if volume increases, then fuel consumption also increases, which also gives high power than normal.

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